Welcome to the TS Fairley Hair Restoration Center.

I am Tonya Fairley, your licensed cosmetologist and trichologist, with a heartfelt passion for hair styling. I have been in the hair industry for over 15 years.

Tonya Fairley started in the Beauty Hair industry over 20 years ago with an initial focus of giving hair life with cutting. Determined to obtain a deeper understanding of overall hair beauty, she began her journey as an Educator with L’OrealProfessional. While with L’Oreal she strengthened her skills in the science of color, the movement of cutting, and the importance of hair health. Her clients began to call her the “Curl Whisper”.

Once Tonya opened up her 1st salon she knew she needed to give her clients more than just the beauty of hair, so she began the pursuit to Healthy Hair. She believes if you take care of yourself on the inside, the outside will follow. This philosophy drove her to become a Certified Hair Practitioner and Certified Trichologist. Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the hair and scalp. Tonya’s growing knowledge of reasons for hair loss led her to develop programs and treatments for her clients to “Eradicate hair loss one strand at a time”. She will identify, address and treat the hair to having a healthy cosmetic finish which allows the client to look and feel amazing in the process.

We serve our clients via appointments, however we welcome walk-ins based on  availability.

USTI Certified Salon